Association of Pakistani-descent Cardiologists of North America (APCNA) was born on March 7, 2004 when a group of 45 Cardiologists of Pakistani descent conducted the inaugural meeting of APCNA in conjunction with the ACC Annual session in New Orleans, Louisiana. This group consisted of distinguished Pakistani American Cardiologists like, Prof. Shahabuddin Rahimtoola, Prof. A. Jamil Tajik and Prof. S. Sultan Shaikh.


From this small gathering grew a very vibrant and productive organization. Through discussions and exchange of ideas hours of hard work then ensued and soon many things were outlined. The objectives of APCNA are two pronged: 1) To provide support and information helpful to the needs of North American Cardiologists of Pakistani origin and to function as a platform for educational, charitable and cultural activities that allow members to share common ideas and discuss mutual concerns. 2) To contribute to the advancement of Cardiovascular Medicine in Pakistan and to form productive links with the physician and cardiology community of Pakistan.
The General Body of the first meeting unanimously elected Dr. Javed Suleman as its first and founding President of APCNA. An organizing committee was formed to initiate the APCNA. The cabinet was later expanded by the organizing committee to Secretary, Dr. Rizwan Karatela and Treasurer, Dr. Amin Karim, to facilitate its working. APCNA was incorporated in May 2004 in the State of Illinois with the tax ID # 20-1601525.The application for not-for-profit organization under section 501 (c ) (3) was filed with Internal Revenue Service. The second meeting of APCNA was held on June 12th 2004 in Washington DC, were the Constitution & Bylaws of APCNA was presented by Prof. Dr. S. Sultan Ahmed, Chairman CABL Committee, and it was unanimously approved and adopted by the General Body. Few other committee chairs were announced including Drs. Naushad Mohydin and Syed N. H. Shamsi as Chair and Co-Chair of the membership committee. Our first Pakistan meeting was in form of Cardiology symposium on December 20th 2004, jointly sponsored by APCNA and National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) in Karachi, Pakistan, in the shape of a comprehensive Cardiology symposium. Dr. Syed Fazal Rahman was the program chair with Dr. Zia Moiz Ahmed and Dr. Mehmood Alam as co-chairs of this meeting. The program was very successful, about twenty APCNA members traveled to Pakistan for this purpose. It was highly educational, state of the art type of symposium with over 500 attendees.
Our second annual meeting was held on March 6th 2005, again in conjunction with ACC annual session, in Orlando, Florida, which was widely attended. The General Body re-elected Dr. Javed Suleman for another year as President, in addition, Dr. Mirza Wajid Baig was elected as President-Elect, Dr. Syed Wamique Yousuf as Secretary, and Dr. Mujeeb Jan as Treasurer.That same year we achieved few milestones for our organization, we were able to come in contact with the ACC officials through a teleconference, where we discussed issues of mutual interest with Dr. Pamela Douglas, President ACC, and her colleagues. Dr. Baig played an instrumental role in this important task and served as a liaison of APCNA with ACC. Dr. Yousuf was enthusiastically working on enhancing the membership base. Our second summer meeting was in Houston with APPNA’s summer meeting. Again, it was widely attended and was again a very successful meeting. The task of developing the APCNA web page was assigned to Dr. Karatela, our past Secretary, who indeed did a good work as you can see yourself. The list serve at APCNA@Yahoogroups.com, initially formed in 2004, with the help of Dr. Amin Karim is up and running with over 175 members of the list.


The second meeting of APCNA was held on June 12th 2004 in Washington, DC. In this historic meeting the final draft of the Constitution & Bylaws of APCNA was presented by Prof. Dr. S. Sultan Ahmed, Chairman CABL Committee. It was unanimously approved and adopted by the General Body. In March 2008 at the APCNA meeting at the ACC in 2008, amendments to the CABL were presented and approved by the GB at that meeting. arrow download APCNA constitution

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APCNA Timeline:
2004 | March 7, 2004
APCNA was founded in New Orleans ACC meeting

2004 | May 2004
APCNA was incorporated in the State of Illinois

2004 | June 14, 2004
APCNA Constitution and Bylaws were approved and adopted by GB

2004 | December 20, 2004
APCNA first winter meeting in Pakistan was held in NICVD, Karachi

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