Message from Professor Azhar Faruqui

Azhar-Faruqui2-224x300It gives me great pleasure to write these few words on the occasion of the 10th. Anniversary of APCNA. It makes great sense to have a body represent this unique group of Cardiologists of Pakistani origin who are living and practicing in North America.

In all the years that I have had the opportunity of interacting with the Trustees, office-bearers,and, members of APCNA, I have found them to be a very dedicated group determined to share their expertise and success with their colleagues back in Pakistan. Their frequent teaching tours of various cardiac centers in Pakistan, their contributions of expensive devices themselves, and, through other donors are a shining example of heart warming philanthropy, and,transfer and free exchange of knowledge and expertise. Their work as a forceful and effective lobby for their laudable objectives is a matter of record and pride.

I am personally grateful for their interactions with the Pakistan Cardiac Society, and,their support in the formation of the ACC Pakistan Chapter, which was the 7th ACC Chapter outside the continental United States. There are now nearly forty chapters in the world!

I am looking forward to the next decade of APCNA as being much more of the same wonderful work that they are doing.

It has been my honor to have worked with all the friends in APCNA.


Azhar Masood A. Faruqui, HI, SI,
Governor, ACC Pakistan Chapter,
Dean, Faculty of Cardiology, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan,
Former Director,National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Pakistan,
Past President,Pakistan Cardiac Society. It has been an honor and privilege to have.

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