Get Involved

Get Involved

We welcome you to get involved in APCNA’s work. There are many ways you can help APCNA help hundreds of needy patients in Pakistan who need tremendous help to prevent cardiac diseases. Help APCNA lesson the burden of cost of many cardiac disease management needs such as pacemakers, cardiac supplies, procedures and intervention that these patients can not afford.  Help APCNA in its core mission to help these patients in whatever way you can. If you think you share our goals please do not hesitate to call us, email or contact us and Get Involved

There are many ways you can help APCNA and Get Involved.

1. Become APCNA member

2. Help collect Cardiac supplies to be donated for the needy patients in Pakistan

3. Help Support APCNA Pacemakers Banks in Pakistan – Helping deserving patients who can not afford it.

4. Help in Preventive Cardiology Project in Pakistan

5. Help in Teaching Rounds, CCU Rounds, Delivering Lecture every Winter in Pakistan

6. Help in Echo, Nuclear Cardiology and TEE hands on Workshops arranged by APCNA in Pakistan

7. Help in performing PCIs in various institutions in Pakistan helping needy patients and working with local faculty

8. Help in transferring technology to Pakistan by working side by side with the local faculty and sharing your experience with them

Call or Email or contact us for any or all things you can Get Involved