APCNA Resolution Adopted by the APCNA EC on May 28, 2014

APCNA strongly condemns the killing of Dr. Mehdi Qamar

APCNA strongly condemns the killing of Dr. Mehdi Qamar In Rabwah, Pakistan. Dr. Mehdi Qamar was an accomplished and respected Interventional Cardiologist from Columbus Ohio. He was on a three week humanitarian mission in Pakistan when he became the latest victim of targeted killing on May 26, 2014. We are deeply saddened by this tragedy and share the grief with Dr. Qamar’s family. We are also extremely concerned by the failure of law and order in Pakistan, where such tragic incidents go unnoticed and culprits of these brutal murders are never brought to justice. We demand that the Government of Pakistan use all its resources not only to arrest and punish the culprits of these horrendous crimes but also to ensure that it will take all the immediate and long-term measures to prevent such incidents happening in future. APCNA resolves to actively pursue official authorities in Pakistan and here in United States to bring this issue into focus for immediate corrective measures.

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