APCNA History – The Call for First Meeting in 2004

Dear Colleagues:

JavedPassportThe first meeting of the Association of Pakistani Cardiologists of North America (APCNA) will be during the ACC Annual Session in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Sunday, March 7th at 7:00 PM. We are working on to finalize the location. Please email me with your interest to attend, RSVP and with any suggestions or call me at 347-678-2734. My email address is jsuleman@aol.com. Also, if you know any Cardiologist, Cardiovascular Surgeon or physician affiliated with the practice of Cardiology, and who is not on this listserv, please forward this email to him or her.
Javed Suleman, MD, FACC
Chair, Organizing Committee

Association of Pakistani Cardiologists of North America (APCNA):

We are exploring interests among prospective members to form the “Association of Pakistani Cardiologists of North America” (APCNA). This society will be a professional and not for profit medical organization. All Cardiologists and Cardiac and Vascular Surgeons of Pakistani descent residing in North America will be eligible for membership. It will function as a component society or affiliate of APPNA.

The objectives of the association will be: 1) To provide support and information helpful to the needs of North American Cardiologists of Pakistani origin and to function as a venue for educational, charitable and cultural activities that allow members to share common ideas and discuss mutual concerns.  2) To contribute to the advancement of Cardiovascular Medicine in Pakistan and to form productive links with the cardiology community of Pakistan.

A meeting of qualifying interested physicians is tentatively scheduled with the American College of Cardiology Annual Session in New Orleans, Louisiana in March 2004. For further information, please contact Dr. Javed Suleman at: 347-678-2734 or email with your contact numbers at: JSULEMAN@aol.com.


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